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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aeorion?

Aeorion is the Student Management System (SMS). This is the system that students use to select modules, access notes etc.

What is the cost per module, etc?

  • Each 3 credit module costs $30,000 each ($10,000 per credit)
  • Core modules cost $18,000 each (ie.Core Math etc.)
  • Alternate exams cost $3,000
  • Annual miscellaneous fee $9,000
  • Late registration fee $3,500

What is the miscellaneous fee?

This amount is a mandatory fee.

  • Personal accident insurance fee - $1,000
  • Jamcopy fee - $1,200
  • Other fees - $6,800

The academic year starts in September and ends in August of the subsequent year.

When is late registration fee applicable?

Late registration fee is applicable if first paymenet/deposit is made after the close of stipulated registration date.

What is the alternate examination fee?

The alternate exam fee is a charge for administering an examination which was not done by a student in the semester in which the module was done due to sickness etc. 

What is the procedure for completing my registration?

Students are required to select their modules for each semester, then a deposit or full payment has to be made before registration takes place.

  • If you pay in full via Aeorion online you may complete your registration at the same time.
  • If you are not paying in full, a deposit of $39,000.00  is required if you are doing 3 or less modules.
  • If you are doing more than three (3) modules you are required to make a deposit for 2 modules $69,000.00 ($60,000.00 modules+$9,000.00 misc fee).

What are our financing options?

Why do I have to use the ISP payment plan?

ISP is a micro financing company.

UCC has outsourced the payment plan to ISP as we are not in the business of financing. This is a collaborative effort and the financing charge is the same as you would have paid to UCC. However, if you access financing independently, finance charges will vary. Application for financing is done at our Main Campus at Worthington Avenue. Your valid ID and TRN are needed to complete the application process.

How do I access financing from Students' Loan Bureau (SLB)?

You may vist the SLB website at to access the information. You will note there are different types of loans. "Student Pays Loan" is one of the options.

Do you accept commitment letters?

Yes UCC accepts commitment letters from reputable companies. Letters must state the amount to be paid and the anticipated date of the payment.

How do I get a restriction removed from my account?

Restrictions are applied to student accounts if there is an amount owing to UCC. After payment is made the you may call SFS to have the restriction removed .

How do I add/drop modules?

Add/drop can only be done if you are alreday registered. A student may log on to Aeorion and drop a module, however to add the module approval is needed from the SFS department for the module to be shown on your profile.

How do I request a financial letter?

You may print an Official Document Request form from here. You may scan and email the completed form to

Payment for the service can be made using any of our payment option stated below.

How do I make payment?

  • BNS Online
  • Aeorion Online
  • JN Money Shop and JN Building Society- cash only
  • At the Worthington Avenue Campus - using a debit or credit card- cash is not accepted.
  • Direct Deposits