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Frequently Asked Questions


  • For an Online On-Demand Diploma:
    • Select the first course or unit web link for the UCC Diploma of your choice and follow to the US University course page. Click the Enroll Now button to get started. Complete the steps to create your online student profile and submit. You’re ready to access all course material and commence your first course/unit online.
  • For a Course/Unit Exam:
    • After completing one or all units in the diploma, register and submit payment online for each unit exam onto the associated US University web page.  Or register for a Live Proctored Exam at a UCC campus here. Submit payment for proctored exams to UCC via bank deposit, transfer or on campus.
    • Keep ALL payment receipts and Certificates of Achievement received from US Universities to process and validate the award of your UCC Online On-Demand Diploma.


  • The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean UCC in partnership with accredited US Universities and Affiliates has established a path to higher learning with unparalleled convenience.  Enroll into a UCC Online On-Demand Diploma of your choice with a few clicks. No pre-requisites required. Click the link for the unit in the diploma syllabus; enroll by creating a student profile and you are ready to begin your diploma. Progress through the course material in each unit at your own pace.
  • There are many course options to choose from but stay on track by following the specific links provided in the diploma syllabus which is your guide towards earning the UCC Diploma. Maintain the recommended study hours each week for faster completion.
  • Don’t have a private computer? Submit an application via the UCC website to access a UCC campus computer for online classes.


Complete one or all required units and pass the unit examination to earn a verified Certificate of Achievement for each unit or course from the associated US University and University credits from UCC.  There are two options to complete exams:

  • Proctored on Campus
    • Submit a request via the UCC website indicating your preferred campus for the exam
    • Proctored exams enable students to sit exams in a face to face class room environment. This option is open to residents of Jamaica
    • Submit your exam fee to UCC and retain and submit your proof of payment to
    • You will be contact by a Coordinator with the assigned exam date and location selected
  • Online
    • Register, submit payment and complete the exam all online via the US university course exam page
    • Retain your Certificate of Achievement as proof of successful completion. Diploma course or unit exams completed online must be fully validated by UCC to award an Online On-Demand Diploma.


  • Students begin a course or unit and access course material by completing a student profile.
  • This internet based access allows students to view lecture content/notes, PowerPoint presentations, video and audio resources provided by the faculty from each US University. Assignments, quizzes and projects are guided by the faculty from each US University. All course material is self guided, that is, study on your schedule on your pace, anywhere and anytime.
  • Course material in all units is verified by the US University which has provided the course. Complete all course material for each unit, register and successfully complete the exam online or proctored exam at UCC and earn a verified Certificate of Achievement from the US University for each online unit exam and UCC credits.
  • Online on-demand diploma credits earned from US Universities or UCC may be referenced when applying for UCC degree programmes to improve acceptance. Once enrolled in a degree programme, online on-demand diploma credits do not qualify against credits required from individual modules applicable towards completion of each UCC degree programme.


  • Payment may be made directly online for online exams or submit payment to UCC for Live Proctored exams offered on campus.
  • Payments are accepted via bank transfer, direct deposit or at any campus using a card. Cash payments above J$2,000 are not accepted on campus.


  • Students will be guided to complete and to submit quizzes, assignments or projects via a live link or into a secure web based recovery for the unit.
  • Online exams are monitored and all input during the time allowance is captured and submitted automatically at close of the exam period.


  • Students submit administrative complaints to their online US University or Affiliate for the specific Unit. All course material, videos and exams are designed, accredited and presented by the international faculty from the individual university.


  • Technical support regarding issues of online login access and inability to participate; email course platform support must be submitted to the US university and affiliate website providing the unit 
  • Queries regarding Pass / Fail notifications and Certificates of Achievement should be submitted to the US university and affiliate
  • If you have any further queries about proctored exams of UCC Online On-Demand Diplomas or other UCC programmes or would like to register a group, please call us at (876) 665-3999 /4056 /4058 or email:
  • Remember: Keep a record of all student profile information and payment receipts along with Certificates earned to validate participation and awards.