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Distinguished Lecture Series - Professor Henry Lowe

Distinguished Lecture Series - June 22


Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 5:30pm


"Science, Technology & Innovation for National Development”

Presented by

Prof. the Hon. Henry I.C. Lowe, OJ, CD, JP, Ph.D., DSc. (Hons.), FRSH




We are by now all aware that modern science and technology, not only drives and determines our growth and sustainable development, but does so in a broader way in the affairs of the developed and developing world alike. Subjects such as the future of jobs,  the nature and types of foods we will have available  for or nutrition, the  environment ,healthcare and security  are just a few of the major inescapable   Issues  which have been and will increasingly confront us.

The big question is, are we as individuals and our governments aware and reactive or proactive? Are we really aware that these science and technology issues will have major impact on our lives and those of our children?  This will not be 50 years from now, but major impacts have begun and will be severely realized within the next 5 years. There is nowhere to hide or migrate to, since the impacts will be global. As individuals, we need to be alert and responsive before it is too late!

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