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Our Values

  • Honesty and Integrity

We commit to truthfulness, fairness and the highest professional standards. What we do should be consistent with what we say.

  • Open Communication

We continually work to maintain an environment in which employees feel free to share ideas and information. We encourage openness which fosters competence and reflects our commitment to service.

  • Service

We will treat every internal customer as the most important customer. We will respond to staff needs and concerns in a timely, consistent and efficient manner. We will remain approachable as well as cooperative.

  • Teamwork

We strive to create a climate in which all parts of the organization can work closely together. We will accomplish this by encouraging and supporting the individual talents and contributions of each team member.

  • The Individual

We believe that people make the difference and strive to provide opportunities for all employees to contribute ideas and to develop their potential and make the best use of their talents and abilities.

  • Innovation

We challenge ourselves to be open-minded and creative and to realize that the ability to disagree helps to identify opinions and resolve differences constructively. We support reasonable risk taking.

  • Human Resource Management

We believe that our human resource management practices affect every part of the organisation including productivity, employee retention, employee motivation, job satisfaction, management styles, employee skill levels, employee performance and employee morale.

  • Leadership

We believe that leadership reflects pride, excellence and our commitment to service and is found in all levels of the organization and the community. Good leadership balances responsiveness to public demands with professional judgment and expertise.

  • Total Quality

We are passionate about quality. We believe in continuous improvement through innovation, process improvement and team work.

  • Empowerment

We encourage employees to take risks and to accept ownership for all their actions, while taking pride in their achievements and celebrating success.