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MSc. in Accounting & Finance
1 Yr

Course outline

The basis of study necessary for a foundation in the key aspects of accounting and finance will be covered in the first four modules of the course after which you will delve into the traditional and contemporary theoretical aspects of accounting and finance.

A number of distinctive modules such as the underlying principles that lead to accounting conventions and the financial management of multinational corporations in a global environment will be covered in this course. You will be required to complete a research based dissertation which will allows you to advance your knowledge in an area of interest which supports your career ambitions, or explore an area in which you would like to extend your research further at PhD level.  You would be at an advantage having a degree in accounting, finance or business management prior to enrolling in this course.

In this course you will develop a solid accounting and finance foundation which will include an intensive study of the core disciplines of accounting and finance, conventional and modern theoretical aspects of accounting and finance and an individual dissertation.

Module overview

  • International Financial Analysis
  • Management Control and
  • Internal Audit
  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Accounting Theory
  • International Finance
  • Economic Analysis of the Firm
  • Business Management Research
  • Option Module