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MSc. in Professional Computing


The M.Sc. Professional Computing allows you to work while you study and at the same time complete a project that is of relevance and will impact your career.

Course outline

The course is offered as a three year, distance learning only course and the time of study is built around the award structure which consists of three levels; Certificate, Diploma and Masters. You can then move to the next level form the first and second levels however you may chose to stop at any level and will receive the relevant award.  Whether you area graduates currently working in this industry or you have extensive experience and can demonstrate that you have graduate level professional skills, this course is for you.

This course provides high level technical training and academic research with masters level study through the University as you continue with full time employment in the computing industry. 

The academic study for each level is negotiated with a supervisor or award leader and usually is in an  area of interest which is either work related or of particular interest to the individual.  Students who are studying Learning Tree modules can use these to underpin the scope of their academic study at each level and form part of a negotiated learning contract.  The content of the learning contract for each level will depend on educational and work background.