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BSc. in Public Health
& Health Services Management

Course summary

Make a positive difference in the management of health care services through the skills, abilities and compassion that will be unearthed as you complete your B.Sc. Public Health & Health Research Management. The prerequisite of this course is a commitment to the health, wellbeing and the quality of life of communities, a belief in social justice and the inner drive of addressing matters not just of national or regional, but of global importance.

In this course you will have the opportunity to explore the method for improving the healthcare and how to make it effective at local and international levels.

You will also learn all about the dynamic, evolving international subject of Public Health, which focuses on improving the wellbeing of entire nations.

Public Health and Health Services Management are two excellent courses to be offered at the UCC and this course neatly unite these two important and closely related disciplines which is designed for students who are energized, passionate and critical students including  professionals already involved in healthcare who want to have a stronger impact.