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Department of Student Affairs

Facilitating Student Success through Co-Curricular Activities and Support Services


DSA Administrator
Ms. Eujennie Hewitt (email)

Other Staff

DSA Administrative Assistant: Ms. Bathshva Burley (email)


-Promote student success by offering a wide range of opportunities for students to develop socially, personally and professionally so as to complement the formal academic experience.

-To make students more marketable or retainable in organizations as they build on their knowledge, skills and attributes.

Career Development Services

We offer professional development seminars, career expos, and part-time job placements.


UCC Orientation

One of the main functions of the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) is to organize UCC’s quarterly orientation sessions.  These sessions are planned to inform new students about the rules and regulations of the institution.  We also assist our new students in making a smooth transition and adjusting to university life while studying.


The Department also offers chaplaincy services to our student body. These advice & counselling sessions are by appointment with our Chaplain, Pastor Samuel Lewis. Pastor Lewis is also included in the other spiritual and motivational activities of DSS.



DSA promotes physical and mental growth through numerous sporting activities. We have male and female football, track & field, & table tennis teams. UCC also participates in the inter-collegiate games.


Alumni Association

The Department of Student Affairs’ mandate is to build a viable Alumni Association.  DSA is building a database and getting the Alumni involved in the university‘s strategic goals and objectives.  The DSA foresees the Alumni as playing a valuable role in mentoring our current students to help them prepare for successful corporate citizenship.


Student Leadership

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean believes that the Student Council is vital.  It provides an opportunity for students to be engaged in structured partnerships with the administration and faculty of the University. 

President Mr. Ruel White 


Co-curricular programmes

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Expositions
  • Symposiums

Clubs & Societies

Our clubs and societies are dedicated to developing our student body holistically. The UCC currently has five functional clubs and societies that are designed to suit your varied tastes and interests:

  • Circle K
  • Dance
  • Information Technology
  • UCCF
  • Tourism

Academic Support & Advising

This service is designed for students who desire excellence and want to maximize their full potential. DSA seeks to create fulfilling academic experiences and blend powerful motivational workshop series, stress management and advice sessions.