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The first year of University for most students, is a big change as the campus environment is new and unfamiliar. The Orientation Programme (UC 101) is designed to support students in their transition to studying at UCC. The module covers the fundamentals of study skills, character building, time management and career path identification. 

The focus of the course is on starting the process of preparing students to become exceptional business and community leaders, innovators and scholars in a caring and intellectually stimulating academic environment.

The Orientation to University Life is conducted over a two days period at the commencement of the Term.  It is a three-part module which carries 1 credit.

There are three (3) assessments as outlined below.

Types of Assessment

Percentage (%)

Participation in orientation sessions


Community outreach project


Online test/quiz




The aim of this course is to develop responsible and independent learners.  The mandatory introductory course was developed under the premise that students who are properly transitioned into university life are more likely to succeed academically.

Environmental Awareness & Outreach Programme

The UCC takes pride in the environment and so to carry out the mandate of the University the Department of Student Affairs strongly emphases the importance of being socially responsible to all its students; so they can understand the importance of balance and wants to preserve the environment for present and future generations. Our emphasis on Environment Awareness and Community Social Responsibility is evident in the directives to UCC Clubs & Societies that outreach has to be a part of their yearly schedule.

Being Socially Responsible is also a mandate of our Orientation to University Life 1 Credit Module, whereby, it is compulsory for students to complete a 5 hours outreach project which forms a part of their grade.

Students are advised at Orientation of the affiliation of UCC with the Good Samaritan Inn Feeding Programme every Tuesday.


Career Development Service

The perfect job may be just an interview away. The Department of Student Affairs provides career counseling, job interview sessions and other helpful services that students are encouraged to take part in such as internal & External Career Expositions, part-time Work & Study job experience.

Please stay tuned also for exciting seminars each semester.

Recreational Activities

The UCC sports programme presents a healthy option; participation in sports not only enhances physical and mental growth but also has numerous positive effects later in life. UCC Male Football Team participates in the annual Intercollegiate Football programme.

We hope to start a Female football team soon; other exciting games such as table tennis, netball, Dominoes, Obstacle Race and track and field, are all a part of UCC’s Annual Fun Day— one of the biggest event of the year.