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Tuition Financing Programme
Application Process

This programme is designed for all UCC Undergraduate students (new and returning, part-time or full-time) interested in going on a payment plan.

Neither payslips nor credit checks will be required.

This initial roll-out of the Tuition Financing Programme will focus on Online and UCC Kingston Students. Students from our regional Campuses interested in a payment plan can speak directly to an SFS officer or your respective Campus Manager.

  1. Complete the application form and addendum(If student is not working your parent or guardian - who must be working - will be required to complete this form)
  2. Get a copy of your National ID (Driver's License, Voters ID & TRN or Passport & TRN)
  3. Pay your deposit* and miscellaneous fee (where applicable) and take your payment receipt when visiting our SFS office.
  4. Indicate your preferred repayment method
    1. Over the counter (UCC Cashier - Kingston Campus, Pay Master Locations Island Wide)
    2. Electronic Debit
    3. Standing Order, or
    4. Salary Deduction.
  5. Indicate preferred duration of payment plan:
    1. One month,
    2. Two months or
    3. Three months.
Once the above 5 steps have been observed, our SFS team will process your application and send it over to ISP for approval.
To complete the application process, ISP's system will generate additional documents for you to sign. This will be emailed to you within 48 hours. You're required to print documents and sign. You may send via email but physical copies must be returned to ISP. You may leave original copies with our SFS team or you may contact ISP and ask them to have 1 of their bearers collect same from you.
You will be required to complete the following 3 documents below:
  1. Master Loan Agreement 
  2. Promissory Note
  3. Payment Authorization Form - This form will vary based on your selected repayment method.
  4. Open Salary Deduction Form - Where applicable
*If you're doing up to 3 modules, you'll be required to pay for 1 module plus miscellaneous fee. If you're doing 4 or more modules, you'll be required to pay for 2 modules plus miscellaneous fee.
Once you have printed, completed and the relevant documents, you may pay your deposit and miscellaneous fee, and then visit our SFS office to get the tuition financing process started.
See example scenarios of the TFP at work
If you have any questions, or need clarification on anything, please do not hesitate to make contact with a member of our SFS team:
Ms. Diandra Coombs
SFS Officer w/ responsibility for Tuition Financing
(876) 906-3000
Once your loan has been processed and approved, should you need to follow-up with ISP re payment balances, closing loan etc, you may contact:
ISP Finance Services Limited
Office Lines: (876) 754-4731/906-0103