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My Vision

My vision was to get into a tertiary institution that can provide me with access to my goals. I’ve applied to many institutions where I was given acceptance, started classes, but I still had struggles which forced me to discontinue my programme. I’ve always wanted to be an accountant and for that reason I never stopped trying. I went on and I still applied for other institutions and the same thing happen.


The Reality

In September of the year 2015, I heard of The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Academy (UCCA) and I decided I would apply to do a Diploma in Business Administration with my main interest being in Accounts. Before I had even applied, I never ceased calling the main office of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean to find out more about tuition fees, when does classes begin and if it’s possible for me to start with my first payment. Fortunately, they put me on to the department manager who gave me an appointment to see her. All nervous but not shy; nervous because I thought I was a bit stubborn and stupid as I kept starting school and couldn’t finish. With the help of the Manager I was able to take the next step. The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Academy became “My Pathway to Success”.

UCCA has been a great fit for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to come here. The excellent staff, students and lecturers made it worthwhile.  Upon applying I had no idea what to expect, especially, the fact that I wasn’t sure how my tuition would be paid. After a few months in the programme I decided to withdraw as I still had struggles with my tuition. I went ahead and sent an email to the institution pleading my case and as such I was awarded full scholarship with conditions to continue the programme. All I had to do was to show up for class, maintain at least a B+ in all my final exams, of which wasn’t hard to accomplish. After completing the programme in Business Administration I did my internship on the UCC Worthington avenue campus.  After completing my internship I was subsequently hired as a student worker in the UCC Academy department as the assistant student coordinator and acting marketing and recruiting officer.


My Future

The completion of my programme has given me the opportunity to matriculate into the degree programme where I will be doing a Bachelors in Accounting and Financial Management. Years to come I see myself as the manager for the accounts department here at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, whilst being an accounts lecturer and helping the less fortunate in whatever way possible. With the vast amount of experience and knowledge in that I will have after completing my studies here at this noble institution, I will hone my human relations, communication and problem-solving skills which will make me more valuable in the working world.