Vice President of Information Systems, Technology, and Innovation (VPISTI)

Friday, November 4, 2022

Direct Supervision:

The Vice President of Information Systems, Technology, and Innovation (VPISTI) at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) will have full responsibilities for UCC Online, Information Technology, Telecommunication Systems, Innovation Center, and Customer Service and Client Care.

Job Summary:

 The Vice President of Information Systems, Technology, and Innovation is responsible for the design, development and implementation of organizational information systems, software applications, and IT support and infrastructure systems. He / She will direct and mange IT plans, schedules, policies and programs for the University’s data processing, network communications, business operations, telecommunication systems, computer services and management information systems, according to established goals and objectives.

He/ She will spearhead the institution’s strategic partnerships and implement visionary programs and events to support and promote innovation and sustainable technological infrastructure across the University. The Vice President guides the customer/client services goals of the University to ensure effective and efficient service throughout the institution.


  1. Implement recommendations as outlined in the UCC Strategic and Operational Plan and other projects approved for implementation. Immediate emphasis will be placed on the following areas:


  • Provide leadership and strategic direction for Information Systems & Technology, UCC Online and Projects Departments. Manage and oversee all ICT resources across the University.
  • Oversee resource allocation, project prioritization and associated risks.
  • Establish training protocols and standard operating procedures for ICT to ensure personnel are exposed to diverse areas within the framework thus increasing availability of resources to be deployed for the diverse tasks within the institution.
  • Develop a system of management that allows for the extension and adoption of technological improvements and advancement across the institution with respect to general care and best practices thus enabling ICT as a unit and its personnel to be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Establish new cooperative agreements and partnerships for programmes and services from higher educational institutions and other organizations, with special expansion growth targets.
  • Conduct Risk Assessment and provide solutions or corrective measures to mitigate against those risks.
  • Drive the implementation of business development and innovation best practices throughout the organization, while governing control and ensuring objectives are achieved.
  • Review and amend internal protocols and procedures to ensure high availability of all core platforms, systems and subsystems across all networked locations.
  • Oversees MOUs/Agreements for academic, corporate and other partners.


  1. Manage & Monitor Primary Services:
  • Extend IP-PBX telephony across managed VPN network to networked locations to further reduce operational costs
  • Revision of Wireless Access which includes migration from key-based authentication to user account-based authentication and/or LDAP integration
  • Review Administrative access to Servers and Firewall access into the network ensuring all connected appliances and cloud environments have updated and valid licences and certificates
  • Review Security and Authentication protocols currently in use by IT personnel with respect to all ERP and CRM platforms
  • Work directly with all domestic and overseas service providers to resolve any connectivity issues relating to the internet, intra-network, Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), Hosted E-mail and Website that may arise.
  • Diagnose and resolve all issues relating to the Customer’s network cabling, printers, copiers, scanners and related subsystems.
  • Provide Redundant Solutions (where applicable) for all tiers of Servers for both Active Directory, File Storage and Application purposes in our Overseas datacenter


  1. Manage & Monitor Secondary Services:
  • Oversee the administration  and maintenance of all Domain Controller (PDC) servers and services including (but not limited to) Active Directory, internal Domain Name Service (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Oversee the domain policies in accordance with aforementioned policies for all users with respect to password allowances, removable media permissions antivirus, document security and related areas.
  • Oversee Electronic Mail (E-mail) server and its related services to ensure all inherent functions are maintained to ensure compliance with DNSBL, SBL, SpamHaus, XBL and other known databases related to Spam Prevention.


  1. Manage & Monitor Tertiary Services:
  • Establish and/or maintain Network Attached Storage (NAS) environment to secure and make available backup mediums (both on-site and off-site) to mitigate drive failure and/or complete data loss.
  • Review all systems and subsystems in an effort to make recommendations for the procurement of required hardware to upgrade or replace outdated systems.
  • Submit strategic recommendations to increase efficiency through technology that will improve cost efficiency wherever possible and aide in business continuity.
  1. Provide IT Support Resources

 Support the procurement and administration of equipment to facilitate workflow process in remote (off-site) or local (on-site) areas.

  1. Campus, Branch and Facility Installations:

Oversee the contractual arrangements of suitable outsourced contractors for UCC Campuses, facility installation, implementation respect to the cabling and configuration of network, electrical and related subsystems as well as the installation of workstations, printers, copiers, scanners and other devices.


Minimum Qualifications

EXPERIENCE: Ten (10) years of progressively responsible professional and leadership experience including Senior Management position(s) in delivering information technology services and programs.


Master's degree and/or advanced degree in information technology or a related discipline.

Required Qualifications / Specialized Skills

  • Expert knowledge of current issues and opportunities associated with information technology and cyber security as it relates to large, complex organizations
  • Working knowledge of successful project management approaches for large technology initiatives
  • Knowledge of complex budgeting processes and ability to maintain budgets and meet financial targets.
  • Knowledge of and experience with providing top tier customer service to audiences inside and outside of the University
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and collaborative skills, and a demonstrated ability to build team support
  • Skilled in business development and innovation
  • Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, with a proven ability to effectively communicate information in a clear and understandable manner to a variety of audiences
  • Skilled at managing a complex information technology organization and building and leading strong teams
  • Skilled at organizational development and change management in complex organizations
  • Demonstrated ability to implement strategic plans and oversee successful outcomes
  • Demonstrated ability to develop external sources of support, including securing grants, contracts and other public and private funding
  • Demonstrated ability to initiate, establish, and foster communication and teamwork by maintaining a positive, cooperative, productive work atmosphere in and outside the university with the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships within a diverse population and with those from various cultural backgrounds
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality
  • Ability to develop, implement and articulate complex policies  

Preferred Qualifications / Skills

  • Doctorate in an appropriate area of expertise (e.g., computer science, instructional technology, communications, information science)
  • Experience in a large, complex, and diverse institution
  • Familiarity with policies and laws related to education and technology
  • Demonstrated experience with the full implementation of large-scale technology and innovation projects 

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