Certificate Courses

Advanced Selling Skills (TGL)

TGL/UCC Certificate Course (ASS3)

Course Description
Advanced Selling Skills (ASS3) aims to build on and broaden the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the seasoned sales professional by teaching new pedagogy required to become even more effective in sales. It is specifically designed for sales professionals who understand the selling basics but are desirous of expanding their skills to generate more profitable business and convert occasional sales to customers for life. This course provides advanced skills to ensure the maximum opportunity for a competitive edge in the sales force. It covers the next stage in the sales process and procedure. In a competitive situation, every minor aspect of selling becomes more important. As products and services become more alike, or can meet the same needs in different ways, it is the sales process that makes the difference. This course covers a broader and deeper body of knowledge equipping sales professionals to up level their competitive edge.

Who should attend

  • Seasoned sales professionals desirous of learning new skills to refresh existing skills
  • Senior sales executives or sales professionals with at least two years of experience eager to increase skills necessary to exceed targets and drive profitability within their portfolios.

The Fundamentals of Professional Sales (TGL)

TGL/UCC Certificate Course (TFOPS1)

Course Description
Every business relies on effective Sales Professionals to impact continued revenue, profit growth and to open the doors to new business opportunities.  The Fundamentals of Professional Sales course (TFOPS1) is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to manage the sales job effectively. It prepares the Sales Professional to compete, excel and over achieve in today’s complex marketplace by providing the requisite fundamental competencies to maximize their effectiveness. This course is also specifically designed to deliver skills and training that will lead to individual sales and organizational success. Topics include: The Psychology of a Strong Sales Professional, Core Values of Sales, The AIDA Principle, and Principles of Selling. The course teaches participants how to understand, develop and shape client relationships and to seek and develop new opportunities.

Additional emphasis is placed on coaching sales professionals on posture of sales professional and equipping them with fundamental communication skills needed to present and negotiate effectively while adding value to client relationships.

Who Should Attend
New and emerging entrepreneurs with no professional sales training
Professionals who have never received formal professional sales training (but are required to sell)
The untrained or under trained sales agent who requires competencies needed to sell effectively
Any individual who would benefit from improving the competencies required to be successful in professional sales

The Fundamentals of Sales Management (TGL)

TGL/UCC Certificate Course (TFSM2)

Course Description
Leaders and managers require a specific skill set to effectively lead sales teams. The Fundamentals of Sales Management (TFSM2) provides meaningful, comprehensive, and actionable training for leaders required to build and maintain high performance sales teams. Sales leaders & managers need to know how to motivate, retain and reward sales professionals as well as train, coach and optimize the performance of their team. It is imperative as a leader that you identify a strategy and set meaningful goals and objectives. The Fundamentals of Sales Management examines the vital and most critical elements of sales management and examines the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for leading strong and progressive sales teams. The course is interactive and comprehensive. It covers areas ranging from the role of a sales manager to creating the environment for sales professionals, coaching, motivating recruiting and developing high performance sales teams.

Who Should Attend

  • Sales directors & managers
  • New, emerging & potential sales managers
  • Anyone in supervisory management desirous of building strong, effective & over achieving sales teams