TGL/UCC Certificate Course (ASS3)

Course Description
Advanced Selling Skills (ASS3) aims to build on and broaden the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the seasoned sales professional by teaching new pedagogy required to become even more effective in sales. It is specifically designed for sales professionals who understand the selling basics but are desirous of expanding their skills to generate more profitable business and convert occasional sales to customers for life. This course provides advanced skills to ensure the maximum opportunity for a competitive edge in the sales force. It covers the next stage in the sales process and procedure. In a competitive situation, every minor aspect of selling becomes more important. As products and services become more alike, or can meet the same needs in different ways, it is the sales process that makes the difference. This course covers a broader and deeper body of knowledge equipping sales professionals to up level their competitive edge.

Who should attend

  • Seasoned sales professionals desirous of learning new skills to refresh existing skills
  • Senior sales executives or sales professionals with at least two years of experience eager to increase skills necessary to exceed targets and drive profitability within their portfolios.