TGL/UCC Certificate Course (TFOPS1)

Course Description
Every business relies on effective Sales Professionals to impact continued revenue, profit growth and to open the doors to new business opportunities.  The Fundamentals of Professional Sales course (TFOPS1) is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to manage the sales job effectively. It prepares the Sales Professional to compete, excel and over achieve in today’s complex marketplace by providing the requisite fundamental competencies to maximize their effectiveness. This course is also specifically designed to deliver skills and training that will lead to individual sales and organizational success. Topics include: The Psychology of a Strong Sales Professional, Core Values of Sales, The AIDA Principle, and Principles of Selling. The course teaches participants how to understand, develop and shape client relationships and to seek and develop new opportunities.

Additional emphasis is placed on coaching sales professionals on posture of sales professional and equipping them with fundamental communication skills needed to present and negotiate effectively while adding value to client relationships.

Who Should Attend
New and emerging entrepreneurs with no professional sales training
Professionals who have never received formal professional sales training (but are required to sell)
The untrained or under trained sales agent who requires competencies needed to sell effectively
Any individual who would benefit from improving the competencies required to be successful in professional sales