Frequently Asked Questions

1) What can I do with the UCC Associate Degrees and the MOEYI Associate Degrees?
Answer: The UCC Associate Degrees and the MOEYI Associate Degrees are targeted to specific expanding and emerging industries such as Business Process Outsourcing, Cyber Security and Computer Programming and are offered in the following areas.

- Agro Food Processing
- Allied Health Care (Geriatrics)
- Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
- Construction Site Management;
- Logistics & Supply Chain Management
- Renewable Energy Technology
- Retail & Merchandizing Operations

- Business Administration
- Information Technology
- Tourism & Hospitality Management
- Paralegal Studies

These Associate degrees make you very marketable and attractive to potential employers. They are also a great stepping stone towards a Bachelors Degree.


2) What is the purpose of this programme?
Answer: These Associate Degrees are designed to guide High school students in making informed career choices thereby providing a deep pool of highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce and for whom the cost of tertiary level education is prohibitive.


3) Who is the programme geared towards?
Answer: High schools students in grades 12 and 13 and for whom the cost of University may be cost prohibitive


4) Who is eligible to apply and what are the prerequisites?
Answer: High school students entering Grade 12 in September 2018 with 5 CSEC subjects including Mathematics and English intending to pursue the UCC Associate Degree. Students who intend to pursue the MOEYI Associate Degrees must hold HEART/CAP Level 2/ 3 certification or 5 CSEC subjects.


5) How do I apply?
Answer: Qualified candidates can apply online at www.ucc.edu.jm/ecap, or can complete the application form at any of our Parish Campuses, or at any of our Regional Campuses in Ochio Rios, Montego Bay, May Pen and Mandeville.


6) How will I know that I have been accepted into the programme?
Answer: Confirmation will be provided two weeks prior to the event and once you have met the criteria for selection. When will classes begin?


7) When does the programme start?
Answer: September 2018. However students will have the option of taking advantage of our (two(2) Introductory College Credit Courses at our Summer Academy for the months of July and August. The summer academy will be offered at select host high schools as well as at the UCC Main campus in Kingston. Students from the rural parishes will also have the opportunity to pursue the program in Kingston, if they wish, during the summer. Accommodation for the two months can be made available on the campus of the UWI.


8) What equipment will I need?
Answer: Students will be provided with the necessary learning materials and may also benefit from complimentary access to additional course content via UCC’s Online portal provided by UCC’s university partners in the US.


9) How long are the UCC & MOEYI Associate Degree Programmes?
Answer: The duration of both types of Associate Degrees is two years full-time


10) What is the cost?
Answer: The cost of the MOEYI Associate Occupational Degrees are fully covered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information via scholarships awarded to all successful applicants. Value of two year Scholarship is $300,000.Successful applicants for the UCC Associate degrees will be awarded partial scholarships via the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean’s Foundation, US Inc.


11) What happens if I fail the final exam for a course?
Answer: Once a student in the ECAP Programme fails the final exam, then that student will have to re-sit that course.


12) What happens if I fail the course work?
Answer: Students who participate in the ECAP Programme and fails a course work but passes the final exam, can still pass the course provided that the average grade for the course is 50% and above.


13) How will I be tested and how often?
Answer. Testing will be in accordance to normal procedures of the University Examination period.


14) Will the Credits/Degree that I receive be transferable to another school other than UCC?
Answer: Successful graduates of this program who wish to pursue further studies will have the opportunity for advanced placement into either the UCC's Bachelor Degree programmes in Kingston, or at a Regional Campus, The University of London Bachelor of Laws Degree or the Florida International University (FIU) Bachelor Degree programs to be offered in Jamaica through the UCC or at FIU’s main campus in Miami.


15) What are the benefits of placement with a company as part of my studies?
Answer: Potentially paid internship and mentoring from an industry leading company with the possibility of permanent employment.


16) How do I secure placement with a company, as part of my studies?
Answer: The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean will support the process through providing the necessary linkages with our corporate partners. Students could then be placed with organisations aligned with the type of Associate Degrees being undertaken.


17) What is the difference between the UCC and MOEY Associate Degrees?
a. The UCC Associate degrees are considered as a higher educational degree than a high school diploma or GED, but lower than a bachelor’s degree. These degrees are focused on academic study, provide seamless matriculation into the UCC Bachelor degree programmes and give competitive employment opportunities.

b. The MOEYI Associate degrees train students in specific areas and are intended to prepare students for a career immediately after graduation. These degrees focus specifically on technical/vocational studies geared directly towards the workplace and employment.


18) When I complete my degree program in Grade 13 what options will I have?
Answer: Graduates who have successfully obtained either the UCC or MOEYI Associate degrees have several options. These include continuing their studies towards Bachelor and Masters Degrees; starting their own business or gaining employment in various sectors of the economy.


19) Are there any additional scholarships for which I can apply?
Answer: Students who intend to pursue the UCC Associate Degree can apply for scholarships from the UCC Foundation US Inc. of up to 50%. Hundreds of additional full scholarships will also be offered by several companies/businesses in corporate Jamaica.


20) Where can I get information about course contents?
Answer: Please visit our website at http://www.ucc.edu.jm/ecap


21) How can these Associate degrees help if I wish to start a business?
Answer: Yes. The UCC and MOEYI Associate degrees are geared towards developing the necessary technical, academic and vocational skills that fosters holistic student-centred learning. This approach is designed to equip our students with the necessary competitive edge that will allow them to start their own businesses or seek employment in various industries.


22) Are the UCC Associate and MOEYI Occupational Studies Degrees accredited?
Answer. The UCC itself is internationally accredited by the Accreditation Services of Independent Colleges & Schools (ASIC) in the United Kingdom.
The institution is also fully registered & recognised by the official local accreditation Body, the University Council of Jamaica, UCJ. The accreditation process for the MOEY&I occupational associate degrees are ongoing.


23) Can students randomly choose the order in which they do the courses/modules for the associate degree?
Answer: No. The Associate degrees have a set structure and order in which the courses/modules are to be completed.


24) What are the choices of career field that I can work in?
Answer: The holder of a UCC or MOEYI Associate Degrees have a wide and diverse options of careers, including: SECTORS such as:

TOURISM, HOSPITALITY, HOTELS – Tourism Bureaus information Specialist, Hotel Front Office, Guest Relations and Customer Service, Marketing, Reservation Agents and Supervisors, Tour Guiding, Hotel Management, Tourism Promotions, International Marketing, Public Relations

AGRICULTURE – Farming, Manufacturing and Supervisory Plants, Supermarket Operations, Product development foods, facilities in Agriculture

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Website Development, Social Media Management and development, IT development and Computer software, IT Sales and in many sectors

LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY MANAGEMNT – Engineers, Logistics, Cruiseline Operations, Distribution companies

CONSTRUCTION – Real Estate Development, Sales Agents, Construction site assistants and support, Site Supervisors, Site Managers, Planner

BPO – Business Process Managers, Supervisors, Customer Service Agents and supervisor, Operations Manager

RENEWABLE ENERGY – Plant managements and energy sectors


25) What is the maximum amount of Students that each programme can facilitate per class?
Answer. 40 (depends on the host institution size of classrooms)


26) If a proposed host high school does not have a six form how would we be able to participate and benefit in the programme?
Answer: It doesn’t matter whether or not a host institution has a six form.


27) How will a school benefit from being a host institution?
Answer: Host institutions for the ECAP programme will get up to 10% of the total tuition fees for their development fund. Teachers from the host schools may also be able to benefit from full or partial scholarship opportunities to pursue any of UCC’s master degree programmes.


28) Will UCC be providing teachers to teach these degrees?
Answer: The UCC and its partners will provide qualified and experienced lecturers for the ECAP programme.


29) What are course credits?
Answer: Course credits refer to the recognition that a student has successfully completed a specific number of lectures, and/or laboratory time, independent project work, etc.


30) What would happen if I fail the core course?
Answer: Students who participates in the ECAP program and fails a course work but passes the final exam, can still pass the courses once the average grade for the course is 50% and above.


31) What would happen if I fail the final exam?
Answer: Once a student in the ECAP program fails the final exam then that student will have to reset for that course.


32) How are the final exam structured?
Answer: Final Exams will be structured according to course outline and provided at the beginning of the School semester. Exams will also be in line with the general Examination periods of the University


33) Can I select the company that I want to do my internship with?
Answer: Students will be matched with the organization specific to their area of study.


34) Do students need to have school insurance?
Answer: Yes. School insurance is built into the cost of ECAP.


35) Do students have the options to attend UCC as a host institution from a rural school?
Answer: Students must attend the Host Institutions where they live.


36) How many semesters are the internship period structured for?
Answer: Two. At the end of the first and second years.


37) What will the students wear to school?
Answer: Students who have been successful in obtaining admission to this programme, will be required to wear the ECAP badge & pin. ECAP students at some host institutions will also wear their traditional grade 12 uniform. While students will be provided with ECAP Shirts for Special occasion and school representation


38) Can students participate in sporting and other extra-curricular activities at my previous school?
Answer: YES this is a CO-Agreement between both High School and University


39) Can I do CAPE and an Associate degree at the same time?
Answer: No. ECAP is an option so you can either choose to pursue an Associate degree or CAPE.