Why Choose Moocs at UCC

Get the University Experience

– MOOCs presentations include academic content from universities presented by university faculty, industry experts and professionals at the forefront of innovative concepts. Study courses online, on demand at your own pace or join a class online with a structured schedule to help you stay on track.

Earn Certificates and University Credits

- Join Interactive Video Recorded lectures delivered Online by some of the world’s top international faculty. Sign up for a certificate course or gain in-depth knowledge with Specializations offered by Coursera then, complete the required add-on UCC course components presented on campus or online and receive your certificate from accredited US institutions such as Princeton, Columbia and Duke University or international universities such as McMaster University and University of London while earning UCC credits.

Professional Enhancement

- Massive Open Online Courses are an easy way to update your skills while maintaining a busy schedule. There are many options to explore from Udemy, Coursera or Ed2go whether your needs are personal or work-related, beginner or expert level. Look for courses that provide certificates of completion or a certified professional credit. Choose to study individually or sign-up with a group from work then remember to update your resume and your boss. Find the missing link in your business career and boost it in five weeks or less!

Learn a New Skill and Broaden Your Horizons

- - Equip yourself with frameworks to pursue business opportunities in the current global environment. Foreign language speakers and persons with specialty skills have an accessible and affordable option to reinforce prior learning. Join a course presented in a foreign language or be the first to learn what’s new and innovative in your industry while connecting with likeminded individuals in the region and around the world.

Explore all online short video courses & start learning @ UCC’s Learning Portals below:

Udemy  - visit for list of courses available online. Coursera - visit for list of courses available online. ed2go - visit for list of courses available online.
Edureka - visit for list of courses available online. edx - visit for list of courses available online.