UCC REID - Taking the lead in Educational, Community and Commercial Real Estate Development

The real estate industry is booming in Jamaica, like it is in many first world and developing countries and UCC REID, the real estate and property arm of the UCC Group, is taking the lead in delivering a mix of educational, community/residential and commercial development on the island.

According to Acting CEO of UCC REID, Richard Kildare, "the company is using planning and development skills and investment capital to reshape Jamaica's lifestyle environment.  Top of REID's list is the build out of additional UCC campuses across the Caribbean even as the university expands delivery of blended teaching methods encompassing face-to-face and online."

Just over 1 year old, REID has already identified a range of property and partnerships and is poised to start construction of academies in the central and western regions utilizing a public/private partnership model.

Mr. Kildare said, "we have identified the ideal properties for these academies and will be building them out over time.  We are also closing on agreements for residential developments to be finalized by the end of year."

Noting that REID has "identified financing and signed deals with several partners", Mr. Kildare said, "we already support graduating students, alumni and other Jamaican and Caribbean clients with their property needs including office and warehousing and manufacturing space, construction and acquisition projects.

Building on that, UCC REID is intent on developing more partnerships, expanding its cadre of investors.  The company has the expertise to move projects from concept to development stages and says Kildare "we are taking the lead in the education, residential and commercial segments of real estate development.  Now is a crucial moment for real estate to showcase leadership in driving change and we're inviting progressive investors to join us."

Date Published:
Wednesday June 23, 2021