UCC Announces up to 50% Tuition Waiver for its Summer Online Degree Programmes ONLY to assist new and returning students amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) commits to ensuring online training continues during a time when some concerned students may have to call a halt to training amidst recent financial concerns due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

(KINGSTON, Jamaica: Thursday, 9 April 2020) – In addition to moving all classes online in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) has officially partnered with a number of international universities to offer up to 50% tuition waiver to all new and returning undergraduate students for the Summer 2020 Semester ONLY beginning in May.

All new and returning UCC students will now be able to learn more affordably, while pursuing their degree, via video based lectures, from the comfort of their home or office at a special tuition waiver of up to 50% the cost of traditional on-campus or previously online lectures. This waiver has been made possible through unique international partnerships with several top, accredited universities, particularly in the USA, through a new licensing agreement with another leading online LMS platform portal, C4C, which was initially developed by Stanford University.

“UCC plans to enhance its online degree provision, and to encourage student enrolment during the summer semester, by combining its new LMS platform MICON (Multi-Media Interactive Courses Online) with this other relatively new international platform, through which highly curated, video-based courses and content will be offered online by doctorally-qualified, international faculty members, who are based at well-regarded universities abroad,” said Professor Dennis Gayle, University President and Executive Chancellor.
Professor Gayle also added, “This provision will be made by means of a recent licensing agreement with the new LMS provider, allowing for the creation of additional learning modules, as necessary, in keeping with all current UCC course curricula, content, learning outcomes, contact hour, and assessment methods.”

Through this integrated platform, most UCC modules will now be taught by top online faculty members from over 100 leading universities including Yale University, University of Michigan, Princeton University, McMaster University, University of California and the University of Chicago. These new partnerships will provide access to high-quality, pre-recorded, video-based courses and modules, which will facilitate online learning, in addition to LIVE classes on Zoom delivered by local UCC faculty, coupled with LIVE or on-demand one on one tutorial sessions.
As a result, UCC will create an enriched teaching and learning online experience for their students.

UCC’s faculty members will continue the processes of academic course design and delivery, including additional offline assessments, to ensure that course learning outcomes and the required contact hours, are met, while providing live and on-demand tutorials, and student advising.

The University continues to provide the appropriate support needed for staff and students, including help lines and desks, with the goal of ensuring an excellent video based online student learning, teaching and evaluation experience. Although many faculty and staff members are now working from home, students will continue to receive full support.

The UCC is the largest non-affiliated privately owned university in Jamaica. The institution is internationally accredited by the UK based Accreditation Services of Independent Colleges & Universities (ASIC) and is also a final-stage Candidate for Institutional Accreditation from the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ).