This programme is an excellent choice for students, whose goal is to acquire the ACCA international professional certification in Accounting, with an accredited institution. UCC offers a Diploma programme which includes subject areas to build the competencies of budding accounting professionals, while at the same time preparing them for the Level 1 ACCA examinations concurrently.

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) will take you through the programme of studies, from Level I Fundamentals through to ACCA Professional qualification and membership in the prestigious body.

There are nine (9) exams at the Fundamentals level (3 knowledge exams and 6 skills exams). These are:

  • F1 Accountant in Business
  • F2 Management Accounting
  • F3 Financial Accounting
  • F4 Corporate & Business Law
  • F5 Performance Management
  • F6 Taxation
  • F7 Financial Reporting
  • F8 Audit & Assurance
  • F9 Financial Management

The professional level builds on the technical skills acquired in the Fundamentals level. This level is comprised of three (3) ‘Essentials’ and two (2) ‘Options.’

The Essentials are: P1 – Governance, Risk & Ethics; P2 – Corporate Reporting and P3 – Business Analysis.

For the Options, students choose any two (2) from these 4 offerings: P4 – Advanced Financial Management; P5 – Advanced Performance Management; P6 – Advanced Taxation or P7 – Advanced Audit & Assurance.

You have the choice of selecting courses or modules, so that your course of study is completed ideally through classes in the daytime (9am to 4:30pm for full-time students), evening or on Sundays.

Course Objectives

  • Professional certification set within a strong accounting framework
  • Provides a thorough grounding in accounting principles and management
  • Develops critical skills for a wide range of real world professional situations
  • An excellent preparation for a career in professional accountancy and management

Duration: 20 months

UCC is a tertiary institution registered by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ), the official local accrediting body for tertiary education.

UCC’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration  with a Major in Accounting programme has earned ACCA accreditation and currently has five ACCA exemptions.

UCC students will benefit from the ACCA Accelerate programme, allowing for significantly discounted fees to final year students of the B.Sc. Business Administration programme. Accelerate is an arrangement between ACCA and UCC, which gives students an opportunity to register early for their Professional Qualification, and is designed to reduce the barriers that limit student progression to ACCA membership.

Admission to this UCC programme requires Five (5) CSEC or GCE ‘O’ Level subjects, including English Language and Mathematics. UCC offers foundation courses in English Language and Mathematics, for those students who may be deficient in these areas for matriculation into the Diploma programme.



  • To be unconditionally admitted to complete UCC undergraduate programmes, individuals should possess a minimum of five (5) subjects at the GCE or CSEC level at grades A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 respectively. A CSEC pass at level 3 must have been obtained since 1998.
  • Candidates who have a minimum of 4 CXCs can also apply pending the outstanding CXC subjects or can opt to do UCC replacement courses Core Mathematics, English for Academic Purpose and Fundamentals of Accounting.
  • Mature Entry: Must be working for 5 years or more, be at a minimum age of 25 years. Academic qualifications, a detailed resume, a job letter and 3 professional references will be required.


  • Evening Classes (Monday – Thursday) 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Early Bird* Classes (Monday – Thursday) 7:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
  • Sunday Classes (3 classes 9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.)
  • Day* Classes (9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)