The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) has embarded on another major promotional initiative to engage its own students to obtain further tuition waivers on their programme tuition by placing attractive UCC stickers on the rear windscreen of their vehicles & the vehicles of family members & co-workers, to promote the university & its programmes.

Benefits to Students & Alumni
1. Parking on our campuses – (there have been many unauthorized persons or non-UCC students parking on our campuses & other designated locations. These persons are competing with our registered students for parking. Therefore, effective July 1, 2019 all students who park on our campuses & other designated locations will now be required to have an official UCC sticker on their vehicles)

2. Students will also be offered an incentive of $5,000 per vehicle each year applied towards their tuition, for stickers placed on their own vehicles or vehicles driven by their co-workers, friends or relatives.

3. Incentives for graduates/alumni to return to pursue short professional development certificate level courses as well as graduate degrees with various levels of discounts.  

Terms of Reference
1. Waivers will be applied at the end of the year provided proof is given that the sticker/stickers are still intact on the respective vehicles.

2. Once registration is complete students can collect their free stickers from the Campus Store at the Worthington Avenue Campus or Campus Manager's office for their own vehicles and/or pay a nominal fee of $1,000 for stickers to be placed on vehicles driven by their co-workers, friends or relatives.


Available Stickers