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The first year of University for most students, is a big change as the campus environment and the actors therein are new and unfamiliar. The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) facilitates the Orientation to University Life module which is designed to facilitate and assist persons in the transition to studying at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean. The module covers the basics of study skills, character building, time management, and career path identification. It is centered upon building a rounded individual who is a global citizen, technologically savvy and adept at navigating the multicultural environment.

The aim of this course is to develop responsible and independent learners.  Research supports the notion that students who are properly transitioned into university life tend to excel academically.  This notion has strongly influenced the design and implementation of the course. 

The module consists of four (4) components which carries one (1) credit:


Percentage (%)

Participation in orientation sessions


Creating an Electronic Journal


Community Outreach project


Online Quiz – Student Handbook





  1. Orientation Session:

The orientation days and seminars are conducted over five-day period at the commencement of each semester.

  1. Students have the option to attend one of two orientation days (Sunday or Monday)
  2. Students are required to attend three (3) orientation seminars (Three Consecutive Thursdays (5:00 PM – 6:30 PM)
  1. E-Journal

Students are required to document their first six (6) weeks of University Life. An E-Journal Guideline will be provided to students to create their E-Journal using Google Sites

  1. Community Outreach Activity

Students are required to complete five (5) hours of outreach activity.

  1. Quiz – Student Handbook

Students will be given an online multiple-choice quiz based on the contents of the Student Handbook.

This service is designed for students who desire excellence and want to maximize their full potential. The Department seeks to create fulfilling academic experiences and is a blend of powerful motivational workshop series, counseling, advice sessions, and one-on-one sessions by appointment.

A major part of the DSA goal is to build a vibrant student council at the UCC. We have realized that it fosters greater participation among students and gives them the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making of the University. Also, it gives students an opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organizational skills which will be of benefit to them in the future.  Elected representatives may serve on the Council for one (1) academic year up to a maximum of two (2) consecutive years.  To become a Student Council member, the interested person will have to do so via an Election Process. Being a member of the Student Council enables the President/ Representative to sit on the Academic Council, plan functions to benefit the students, assist in orientations, represent and get the solution to student questions, and attend external seminars and workshops.

The UCC takes pride in the environment. The Department of Student Affairs strongly emphasizes the importance of being socially responsible to all its students, so they can understand the importance of balance and understand the need to preserve the environment for present and future generations. Our emphasis on Environment Awareness and Community Social Responsibility is evident in the directives to UCC Clubs & Societies which has outreach a part of their yearly schedule.

Students are advised of the affiliation of UCC with the Good Samaritan Inn Feeding Programme every Tuesday. Both students and staff are invited to be a part of this initiative.  This is an activity where every Tuesday the University sends to the Good Samaritan Inn Centre cooked meals to be served to persons who are less fortunate and are on the streets.

All our regional campuses have adapted a home (Children’s Home /the Poor Relive Home) at where they give back to persons who are less fortunate.

The UCC sports programme presents a healthy option. Participation in sports not the only enhances physical and mental growth but also has numerous positive effects later in life. UCC Male Football Team participates in the annual Intercollegiate Football programme and hopes to have a Female football team soon. Other exciting games such as table tennis, netball, Dominoes, Obstacle Race, and track and field are all a part  of UCC Annual Fun Day one of the biggest events of the year.

The perfect job may be just an interview away. The Department of Student Affairs provides career counseling, job interview sessions and other helpful services that students are encouraged to take part in, such as internal & External Career Expositions, part-time Work & Study job experience. Please stay tuned for exciting seminars each semester.

The process is divided into two areas: career/academic advising and counselling. The

information below address counselling:

  • Walk-in – the Counsellor/Chaplain has office hours every Monday from 10 am – 2pm at Worthington/ other Centres are by appointment.
  • Referrals – Members of staff may refer students for counselling to the Chaplain or the Department of Student Services
  • Appointments – the department of Student Affairs handles the booking of appointments with the Counsellor/Chaplain
  • Workshop presentations – Counsellor/Chaplain across the centers make presentation on stress management and coping with academic anxiety.

School Mate is designed to provide Personal Accident coverage for the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean’s students, in the event of accidental injury resulting in medical and dental expenses, dismemberment or death, as well as broken lens of prescription eye glasses.

The Plan covers students 24 year, anywhere, worldwide hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per - even when school is on vacation.

The total life insurance coverage for each student is J$500,000.00.

Review the Sagicor School Mate Plan Information Sheet for additional information.

The Department of Student Affairs in partnership with authorized travel agents hosts seminars where information is shared with students with regards to the various work and travel opportunities. The Department of Student Affairs provides guidance with regards to the following requirements:

  • Status Letter

Students are required to be full-time students (registered for five three (3) credit modules) within the semester they require a status letter from the University to take to the US Embassy. Students should complete the Official Document Request Form, pay the requisite fee and submit to the Records Units within the Registry Department.

  • English Language Proficiency Form Attestation  

If a student requires the University to attest to their level of English Language Proficiency, this can also be facilitated by the Department of Student Affairs or your Academic Writing/ English for Academic Purposes Lecturer.

NOTE: The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean does not send students on work and travel programs. Each student engages in this opportunity on his/her own accord.

Revised March 11, 2019