Personal Accident Insurance Policy (Schoolmate)

Date Published: 
December 10, 2020

Personal Accident Insurance Information Sheet


School Mate Accident Insurance Claim Form and Physician’s Statement Form

NOTE: Whenever an accident occur the School Mate Accident Insurance Claim Form and the Physician’s Statement Form must be completed and the original medical receipt (s) must be attached and submitted to the Department of Student Affairs for processing. (


Schoolmate Death Notice Claim Form and Physician’s Statement Form 
Proof of death - Physician's statement

Age and name Declaration Form

NOTE: In the case of death; the beneficiary should complete the School Mate Death Notice Claim and have the attending Physician complete the Proof of Death Form. These forms must be submitted to the Department of Student Affairs for processing. (

Accompanying Document (Originals)


  • Decease Birth Certificate
  • Beneficiary Birth Certificate
  • Beneficiary National Identification
  • TRN

Any one of the following

  • Physician’s Statement or Death Certificate
  • Certified copy of Letter or Probate or Letter of Administration
  • Police Report
  • Coroner Inquest Report
  • Post Mortem Report

These documents should be handed to the attending Administrator in the Department of Student Affairs.

Kindly note that the company reserves the right to request additional information if deeded necessary