Student Interest Form: Business Advisors Needed!

Date Published: 
November 9, 2020

Dear Students, 
The Department of Student Affairs is seeking to recommend students for hire as Independent Contractors to work in the capacity of Business Advisors at UCC Small Business Development Center (UCC SBDC).

UCC SBDC is organized as an operational unit within the Business Development and Consulting Institute (BDCI), part of UCC Group of Companies. It is one of about five (5) SBDCs that have been rolled out under the National SBDC Network Initiative, by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, & Fisheries (MICAF), and led by the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC).

UCC SBDC is dedicated to providing business advisory services, training, and market research services to the Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) sector.  UCC SBDC engages in community outreach and will serve as a bridge that connects the university and the private sector. It is expected that through its activities, UCC SBDC will strengthen the UCC brand, as well as enhance its business education offerings and contribute to accomplishing its academic mission.

Faculty members and students, especially in the business programme, are invited to participate in the activities of the SBDC, and contribute in the areas such as conducting market research and industry studies, business advisory, and the delivery of services to support the MSME sector.  The SBDC is also looking to implement an internship or work-study programme that provides UCC students with the opportunity to work at the center and gain practical work experience.

We are looking for the students who are ranked at the top of their programmes, and are initially interested in the following areas: marketing/digital marketing, accounting/finance, and innovation and entrepreneurship, production and operations management.

Deadline: Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Email: for any questions


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