Summer 2020 End of Semester Assessment Advisory

Date Published: 
July 24, 2020

Dear Students,

The Summer 2020 End of Semester Assessments will take one of two forms or a combination for some students:

  1. Project type assessments which are due on the date indicated by your lecturer.
  2. Timed Assessments which are scheduled on the Examinations Schedule. (See schedule below) For these assessments, you will login from your own device 15 minutes before the assessment. The assessment will be scheduled for two (2) hours and will time -out as indicated on the Examination Schedule. 

For these assessments, students with camera enabled devices will be asked to turn their cameras on for the duration of the assessment.

Please indicate if you do NOT have a camera enabled device and so require other arrangements to be made for you. Please let us know by Monday July 27, 2020 by completing the Google form below.

The Zoom room will be indicated on your question paper when you log on to Moodle. 

Please see the following documents attached:

  1. Schedule for timed assessments
  2. Please take note of any clashes and inform your Programme Coordinator if you have identified a scheduling clash. (Note the Clash of Examinations Advisory)
  3. UCC Online Examination Rules.
  4. Please note that for the timed assessments the Exam Permit Documents Required will be enforced. Please pay close attention. 


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