Summer 2020 Tuition Waiver Bulletin - Up to 50% Tuition Discount

Date Published: 
April 20, 2020


RE: In Response to Covid-19, UCC’s Transition to 100 % Online Summer Learning Program - Launch of New UCC Multimedia Interactive Courses Online (MICON) LMS Portal in Partnership with New International LMS Portal, C4C, for Programme Delivery

At the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), we are committed to making the educational experience relevant for our students’ careers, ensuring that each of you is equipped with job-ready skills and competencies when you graduate with your degree. 

With this goal in mind, we are excited to announce a new partnership with several top, accredited universities, particularly in the USA, through a new licensing agreement with another leading online LMS platform, C4C, that was initially developed at Stanford University in the USA.

Through this integrated platform, most of your modules will now be taught directly by top online faculty members from over 100 leading universities including Yale University, University of Michigan, Princeton University, University of California and the University of Chicago. 

Our new partnerships give you access to these high-quality pre-recorded video-based courses and modules, allowing you to learn online on this new integrated LMS platform, in addition to our LIVE classes on Zoom delivered by local UCC faculty, coupled with LIVE or on-demand one-on-one tutorial sessions, via our partnership with SMARTHINKING. 

Furthermore, during this Covid-19 era, all your assessments will also now be delivered 100% online to include quizzes, assignments, video-guided projects, online virtual laboratory assignments, if applicable to your course, as well as the standard Mid-Semester Assessments (MSA) and End of Semester Assessments (EOSA).   

For further details, please see the attachments, which provide (i) additional details of the characteristics, features, functionalities and capabilities of our new integrated portal, C4C, (ii) a very useful frequently asked questions (FAQ) document which will answer all or most of your questions, and (iii) a video which provides a further program overview of this integrated MICON/C4C platform.  

We have worked closely with these international universities through our new integrated platform provider to identify 3-credit modules that are relevant to your undergraduate degree programs that will also give you job-relevant technology, business, as well as interpersonal “soft” skills that companies are hiring for today.  All modules are based on UCC’s existing, accredited course content and learning objectives and will offer a world class learning experience! 

We encourage each of you to seek academic advice from your Programme Coordinate and register for your modules early, for the upcoming summer term to begin on May 24, 2020.  In the meantime, a UCC online Town Hall/Webinar will also be convened in early May, on a date to be announced, prior to the start of the summer program and we encourage you all to participate. Additionally, we have provided for you on the integrated portal a LIVE (real time) Student Help Centre which will address all of your technical needs.

Once registered, you will be able to:

  • Learn in-demand technology and business skills that prepare you for today’s job or career opportunities
  • Enjoy interactive learning experiences via LIVE discussion forums and be a part of our new global learning community
  • Balance your work and career by studying at your own pace with bite-sized video-based sessions, self-paced learning model, and convenient mobile experience (online or offline - no data usage)
  • Participate in the LIVE learning forums we have scheduled
  • Engage with all the pre-recorded videos, course materials, and quizzes and other assessments associated with every week of study


Up to 50% Tuition Waiver for all Summer Programs*:

We are also proud to advise that all UCC registered students will now be able to learn more affordably in pursuing their degree from the comfort of their home or the office at a special tuition waiver of up to 50% of the cost for your traditional on-campus or previously UCC online lectures for selected courses . This generous waiver has been made possible for this summer through our unique international partnerships!

Undergraduate students, therefore, will now pay tuition starting at ONLY J$15,000 or US$112 per module for selected modules!  Tuition/credit will vary for the summer depending on your course/the number of modules registered for and will range between J$15,000 - $24,000 (J$5,000/credit - $8,000/credit x 3 credits) – See tuition scale below.  Once enrolled, you will have 24/7 hour access to playback these high impact recorded UCC video lectures at any time.

No of Modules Registered for Percentage Tuition Waiver
2 20%
3 30%
4 40%
5 50%

To complete your course registration for Summer 2020:

  1. Look out for an invitation email in your inbox
  2. Select your courses on Aeorion as guided by your Programme Coordinator and Curriculum map
  3. Indicate the courses selected on the Course Registration Form, then submit the form as guided to
  4. Once approved, contact Student Financial Services to complete your registration by making payment for approved courses
  5. Await further instructions from UCC Online via your student email to enroll in the courses for which you are registered
  6. Enjoy the Summer 2020 semester online. 

Please see some additional points that may be helpful:

  1. The 50% waiver is relative to or in reference to the regular $30,000 tuition/module ONLY
  2. The miscellaneous fees will be payable in full where applicable.
  3. Students who already have 50% waiver eg: (ECAP and Scholarship recipients) will not benefit from an additional 50%
  4. Students who have already paid in full will benefit, however, as additional funds remaining from what has been paid will be applied towards future course registrations in the Fall.
  5. *Additional conditions apply. Contact the UCC SFS Department for details. 

Specific modules will already be recommended for you, but if you need further guidance, feel free to reach out to your Programme Coordinator who will be happy to provide additional recommendations.

Please see video link providing additional details of this new and exciting programme: