Specifically, the Managerial Accounting - Information for Decision-Making module is designed to provide the student, upon satisfactory completion of the course, with the ability to produce relevant, reliable and timely information to internal users (i.e., those directly involved in managing and operating the company) that will help in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization

The course explores various theories and practice for organising, managing, and leading within the workspace and the implications for both organisational efficiency and effectiveness.  Critical emphasis is placed on facilitating positive relational dynamics.  

Thus,there is a focus on the individual as an effective member of a team/an organisation. An understanding of an individual's work motivation and workplace interactions in the context of the contemporary social environment will advance personal and organisational productivity, achievement and general progress. 

Information systems knowledge is essential for creating successful, competitive firms, managing global corporations, adding business value, and providing useful products and services to customers.  An increasing trend of information technology innovations, from the internet to wireless networks to digital phone and cable systems, is continuing to transform the business environ. This trend in information systems innovation is enabling entrepreneurs and innovative traditional firms to create new business process models, destroy old business models, disrupt entire industries, build new business processes, and transform the daily business operations.

Mastery of statistical tools and techniques generally, and problem solving tools and techniques specifically, is essential for the contemporary manager and leader. Imagination and intuition remain a requirement but the ability to manipulate data and to produce information is becoming increasingly important in a situation where tolerances are becoming narrower and the room for error approaching zero. Quantitative Techniques is designed to expose students to some of the tools that are necessary to perform accurate quantitative analysis in the decision making process. Students will get an insight into the application of Operations Research (OR) and Management Science (MS).