Pay Your Tuition

Tuition fees must be paid in advance of each semester/teaching period. The precise date for the initial payment and the amount to be paid will be stated in your offer letter.

See estimates below:

ESL Tuition & Non-Tuition Fees

3-week ESL (20 hrs/wk)4-week ESL (18 hrs/wk)9-week ESL (18 hrs/wk)3-month ESL (18 hrs/wk)6-month ESL (18 hrs/wk)
App Fee: 50App Fee: 50App Fee: 50App Fee: 50App Fee: 50
Tuition: 750Tuition: 900Tuition: 2025Tuition: 2700Tuition: 5400
Housing: 500Housing: 500Housing: 1500Housing: 1500Housing: 3000
Insurance:50Insurance:75Insurance:150Insurance:190Insurance: 360
Airport Transfer:50Airport Transfer:50Airport Transfer:50Airport Transfer:50Airport Transfer:50
Student Admin: 180Student Admin: 180Student Admin: 180Student Admin: 180Student Admin: 180
Miscellaneous (IT, Copy,Test): 60Miscellaneous (IT, Copy,Test): 70Miscellaneous (IT, Copy,Test): 120Miscellaneous (IT, Copy,Test): 150Miscellaneous (IT, Copy,Test): 260

It is recommended that students budget approximately US$80 per week for meals, US$40 per week for transportation, US$50 per week for tours and add a 15% to estimated costs for incidental charges.
UCC does not have housing on its campus but identifies suitable housing (apartment, homestay or off-campus housing) for students.