Sebastien Durbano

Testimonial, Sebastien Durbano, French National

Programme/s of study: ASc in Information Technology; BSc in Accounting and Finance
Years attended: 2012-2017

My name is Sebastien Durbano and I am a French national who grew up in Italy. I came to Jamaica about five years ago and enrolled in the Associate Degree program in Information Technology at UCC. After completing that I moved into the Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance. I chose UCC because of the flexibility they offer in terms of their programme delivery. I was able to attend early bird, evening and Sunday classes in order to accomplish my goal much faster. It also helped that I did not need CAPE subjects to matriculate since I am not coming from that kind of system.

The greatest thing, too, about UCC is the support of the staff and lecturers. I found them very approachable and always willing to lend assistance. I had the opportunity to meet many different people while on campus which enriched my overall experience. The size of the University also suited me as I found the experience to be more personal. As a result, I was more motivated to complete my studies. When I finally completed my degree, it was the greatest accomplishment for me as it was the realization of a life-long dream. I have found too, that I have been able to apply all that I learnt to what I am doing now based on the skills I gained at UCC such as time management, money management and having a flexible/open mind ready to find solutions to problems.

I would definitely recommend UCC to others and in fact, I encouraged my sister to enroll because I knew it would be the best place for her based on her personality and the systems UCC has in place to support international students. So far, she is adjusting well and I am very happy about that.

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