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by Damion Malcolm - Monday, 21 September 2015, 5:29 PM

Starting Fall 2015, UCC Online offers all our online students an additional 3 hours per semester of academic support through Smarthinking. Smarthinking is an online tutoring service available 24/7 for assistance with your assignments or coursework.  

Through Smarthinking you'll get expert advice from professional, qualified tutors whenever you need it. You can also get feedback on an assignment or an essay draft, or get help with tackling those not-so-easy mathematical questions. In addition, you will be able to access a number of free tutorials on difficult topics.

Research has shown that students who use Smarthinking are on average twice as likely to pass and twice as likely to achieve Distinction or High Distinction results as those who don't use the service.

Online tutors from Smarthinking are available for the following subjects/courses:

·Math (Basic through to Calculus ll)


·Accounting (introductory through to Advanced)


·Micro-economics and Macro-economics


·Microsoft Office

·Reading Comprehension

·Writing and Grammar (includes Online Writing Lab for detailed, personalized critiques of any written assignments as well as live tutors to assist with pre-writing techniques, research strategies, documentation, grammar and mechanics).

You can get assistance in any of the following formats:

·Connect live with an e-tutor.

·Submit writing for any subject and have it reviewed by an e-tutor within 24 hours.

·Pre-schedule an online personal session.

·Submit a question and get a response.

·Search the schedule to find out when certain tutors are on duty.

And if you need additional time for consultation, you may purchase more time.

How to access Smarthinking:

To access, Smarthinking, simply log into UCC Online at  and enter a course for which you are registered.

Follow these steps to use Smarthinking:

1.Look for the Smarthinking URL on your course page just below your course description. The Smarthinking URL can also be found in your course navigation menu on the right.

2.When Smarthinking loads in a new window, be sure to enable pop ups to allow the service to load properly.

3.Once loaded you may begin browsing the Smarthinking portal for tutorial assistance.

Visit the Smarthinking Guide for Students