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Executive Short Courses
via UCC & iCreate

Early Morning Schedule Start Date Course Fee Duration
Business Ethics 01/07/2018 JMD$30,000 13 weeks
Introduction to Business Administration 01/08/2018 JMD$30,000 13 weeks
Introduction to Politics 01/10/2018 JMD$30,000 13 weeks
Legal Concepts for Commerce 01/10/2018 JMD$30,000 13 weeks
Management Accounting 01/08/2018 JMD$30,000 13 weeks
Public Speaking 01/09/2018 JMD$30,000 13 weeks
Social Work Practice I - Individuals and Families 01/07/2018 JMD$30,000 13 weeks
Supervisory Management 01/17/2018 JMD$35,000 13 weeks
Evening Schedule Start Date Course Fee Format
Advanced Taxation 01/08/2018 JMD$30,000 Online
Audit Practice and Procedures I 01/08/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Building Successful Teams 12/18/2017 JMD$14,000 Face-to-Face
Company Law 01/07/2018 JMD$30,000 Online/Face-to-Face
Computerized Accounting Systems 01/08/2017 JMD$30,000 Online
Conferences and Convention Management 01/10/2017 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Corporate Finance 01/07/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Crime and Violence 01/09/2017 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Entrepreneurship 01/07/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Front Office Management 01/07/2017 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Human Resource Counseling 01/07/2018 JMD$30,000 Online/Face-to-Face
IFRS Financial Reporting 01/10/2017 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Information Assurance and Security 01/10/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Information Technology Audit and Controls 01/17/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Innovation in Production and Operations Management 11/21/2017 JMD$30,000 Online
International Economics 01/10/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Introduction to Business Administration 01/07/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Introduction to Family Counselling 01/07/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Occupational Health and Safety 01/10/2018 JMD$30,000 Online
Retail Management 11/21/2017 JMD$30,000 Online
Sanitation, Hygiene and Safety 01/17/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Social Psychology 01/18/2018 JMD$30,000 Online/Face-to-Face
Spa Services and Management 01/11/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Taxation Theory & Practice 01/11/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
The Jamaica Financial Securities 01/10/2017 JMD$60,000 Online/Face-to-Face
Tourism Marketing 01/09/2018 JMD$30,000 Face-to-Face
Warehouse and Inventory Management 01/09/2018 JMD$30,000 Online