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Services for Business
Collaborate with UCC

At UCC, we believe in establishing collaborative partnerships with our business customers. What sets us apart is our commitment for applied business research, entrepreneurship, innovation and bringing academic excellence to life. Innovation is part of our culture and we work hard to establish links with local, regional, national and international businesses & other universities/tertiary institutions, sharing and exchanging our expertise to help give you that competitive edge.

Grow your business

Tap into a wide range of specialist business support aimed at helping the SME’s in Jamaica and the region to grow.

The UCC has had a good track record of supporting and developing the nation’s small business community. Specific projects, hosted by the UCC or in collaboration were all aimed at wealth creation, safeguarding jobs and helping businesses gain a competitive edge.

The proposed new Centre for SME Development will be a university-wide initiative providing comprehensive support to small and medium-sized enterprises, to give you that competitive edge and help you grow.

Based in the heart of the capital in the New Kingston business district, we’re committed to helping businesses and social enterprises. We value our civic responsibility and are devoted to improving the regional community by stimulating economic and societal change. Let us help you fulfill your strategic ambitions whilst nurturing and growing your business.

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