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Types of Partnerships
Collaborate with UCC

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We are happy to explore the following types of partnership with prospective regional/international partners:

  • Franchise/License

UCC may license other institutions to deliver programmes in its entirety, or stages of programmes, designed by UCC staff, leading to an award or the award of credit/s by UCC.

  • Joint

A programme developed jointly with at least one other institution, which may also have degree awarding powers, leading to a UCC award, or a degree awarded jointly by the institutions, or a comparable award from another institution.

  • Validation

UCC may accredit a programme developed by another institution as equivalent to a UCC award, or leading to the award of a specific number of credits.

  • Distance/Online Learning

A programme of study whereby a student would not normally attend a UCC campus or that of a partner institution. Attendance may be required for residential sessions, for study support or for assessment purposes. Collaborative programmes offered by distance/online learning may apply the franchise, validation, joint or double model. The collaborative partner may manage elements of delivery, support and/or assessment, as agreed at validation.

  • Distributed Delivery
    also known as ‘flying faculty’

A programme of study, or part thereof, leading to a UCC award, whereby programme delivery and assessment is undertaken by UCC staff at the partner site. The partner may provide certain specialist resources, as approved by the University.

  • Double/Dual Degree

A programme of study leading to the granting of both a UCC award and that of a partner institution. The programme may be offered under a franchise, license or a validation agreement; or offered as an integrated programme of study, in accordance with regulations for the UCJ; or via an articulation arrangement. UCC will be responsible only for the elements of the programme that contribute to a UCC award.

  • Articulation

An arrangement whereby programmes and modules delivered by a partner institution are formally recognised for the purposes of advanced standing towards a UCC award.

  • Student Exchange Agreement

A reciprocal agreement whereby UCC and a partner institution exchange a certain number of students each year through study abroad.

  • Non-Reciprocal Study Abroad Agreement

An agreement whereby students from a partner university apply to study at UCC for a semester or year and may be eligible for a partnership scholarship or tuition fee discount.

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