With an online Business Information Systems degree from University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Global Campus (UCCGC), you will build a repository of skills in the modern business environment. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems degree enables graduates to understand the interaction, planning, development, operations of Information Systems and Information sharing within a business or organization.

Upon completion of your online Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems degree, you will be able to:

  • Apply analytical, logical, and critical thinking abilities in the development of effective information systems solutions
  • Evaluate information systems and enterprise solutions appropriate to meet presented business challenges
  • Compare and contrast the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, providers, and society
  • Develop alternative information systems solutions appropriate for addressing business problems
  • Evaluate processes that support the delivery and management of information systems within the business application environment
  • Apply knowledge to make responsible decisions when addressing professional, ethical, legal, and social issues and responsibilities relevant to the Information Technology discipline
  • Employ collaborative team skills to accomplish a common goal.


Caribbean/Regional & Jamaican Students

$3,000 USD per academic year 
($4,000 USD tuition per academic year - US$1,000 USD scholarships for all successful candidates)

International Students

$7,500 USD per academic year
($12,000 USD tuition per academic year - $4,500 USD scholarships for all successful candidates)

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