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Financial Aid- Educational benefits and services to students may be awarded as grants, bursaries, tuition credit, student exchange facility, discount, referral programme, sticker benefit, scholarship, waivers, work and study or tuition financing partnership arrangement and may be awarded as cash payouts. A new and a returning student may receive benefit from more than one financial promotion per programme.

Scholarship and Awards- In addition to UCC sponsored scholarships, external scholarship opportunities tenable at UCC exist from institutions such as Carreras, Digicel and VMBS. UCC makes every attempt to make all students aware of these opportunities by email and/ or by posting new opportunities on the UCC Website and placing posters from these companies on our bulletin boards across all campuses.

Please take some time to read about Scholarships offered at the University of the Commonwealth (UCC).

This may be your lucky day! Take a moment to view all UCC scholarships below.

A completed application form may be all that stands between you and your desired program of study at UCC.

Scholarships are open to students in any field of study offered locally by UCC. Each of the available scholarships has criteria for intended applicants.

All interested students must have received an acceptance letter from the UCC Registrar’s Office before an application for scholarship can be submitted.

Scholarship Application Forms are also available at the UCC Main Campus, 17 Worthington Avenue, Kingston 5, or at any of the University’s regional campuses

Click here to download the form. 

For inquiries and to send scholarship documents, please contact us:

Department of Student Affairs
University of the Commonwealth Caribbean
17 Worthington Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.
Telephone #: (876) 906-3000, Extension: 4005