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UCC Foundation

Flowing from its Vision, Mission, Transformational Goal and Core Values, the UCC wants to provide support for:

  • students/potential students who are doing well academically and are good citizens but need tuition and other educational assistance;
  • students who have other needs which are negatively impacting their progress;
  • projects that will have a positive impact on Jamaica’s economy, environment and social spheres;
  • research that will guide programmes with a positive impact on Jamaica’s economy, environment and social spheres.

The UCC has directly supported hundreds of scholarships over the last 10 years including for inmates and officers from Jamaica's Adult Correctional Centres (with Stand Up for Jamaica and the Dept. of Correctional Services). In addition, as part of its corporate social responsibility and ESG approach, the UCC supports a number of charities and encourages its staff, faculty, students and alumni to do the same. 

The UCC Foundation, US Inc. (UCCF) is to be the main channel through which financial support for UCC activities such as research, innovation, education, community and economic development will be routed. The UCCF was registered in the USA as a not-for-profit corporation in 2005, as a company in Jamaica in 2007 and as a charity in Jamaica in 2018.  We are currently restructuring and re-building to better serve UCC students and the wider community. As such, these pages are currently being updated.


(with the Department of Correctional Services)

In 2020 the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), the Ministry of National Security through the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) and Stand Up for Jamaica signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide full tuition scholarships valued at J$1.5Million per year to four qualified inmates and one correctional officer from the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre.

Under the MOU, which was initially expected to span approximately two years, UCC will cover tuition, application and miscellaneous fees, while the Department of Correctional Services and Stand Up for Jamaica will provide an equipped lab, books, materials, tutorial and other student support services for the participants in pursuit of an online Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration.

The programme continues today, with seven students from Cohorts 1 and 2 transitioning to the BSc level in Summer 2023 with scholarships of $40,000 each per semester from the UCC. Cohort 3 of four inmates and 1 correctional officer from the Tower Street Correctional Centre started the Associate of Science Degree in Fall 2022 under the full scholarship programme and are scheduled to complete in Fall 2023. Cohort 4 starts in Spring 2024 with 6 inmates from South Camp Rehabilitation Centre and St. Catherine Correctional Centre and two correctional officers.