Current Students

At the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, our main focus is to help you succeed and so we are always adding something new and upgrading our suite of services, clubs and scholarships.

We know that you may not have the time to acquaint yourself with all our great developments and so we provide that information right here for you.

Visit the Department of Student Affairs

Click this link to begin you Aeorion adventure. Aeorion is our online portal that makes it easy for you to manage your academic profile/ your life at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean at the click of a button. Whether you need to add or to drop a course, to view your status or to review your class or exam schedule, you can do it all on Aeorion.

Each UCC student is provided with a unique login details in the UCC acceptance package.

UCC Online students receive their instruction from lecturers via a web-based learning platform known as Moodle. Click here to go to Moodle.

This platform allows students to view lecture content/notes, PowerPoint presentations, video and audio resources provided by lecturers. Lecture content is available from week one of the semester.

UCC Mobile is the official University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) mobile application.

Current and prospective students, faculty, staff and the wider community can now keep in touch with UCC on the go with UCC Mobile. The app allows you to:

  • Get instant alerts and messages sent directly to your device.
  • Have easy access to Aeorion SMS.
  • Live Chat with departments at UCC
  • Contact our campuses and HODs at the tap of a button.
  • Keep up to date with campus events.
  • See complete photo albums, found nowhere else.

… and so much more.

Download for free on your device through the Google Play store and iOS App Store.

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  • Circle K
  • IT Club
  • UCCF
  • Dance Club
  • Tourism Club

Not seeing a club that you would like to join? Please contact the Department of Student Affairs to discuss the formation of a new club. All you need are ten other students who share your interests. We look forward to hearing from you!

All the information that you need to get the most out of your university experience is in the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC)’s Student Handbook. Get a firm grasp on the structure of the institution, its policies and programmes. To access the online version of the student handbook click this link.

We know that study and research plays a major part in your life as a UCC Student and so we have created a space that you would want to visit again and again. 

Our main library is located on our main campus at 17 Worthington Ave. While it has been adequately serving the needs of our student population, a major upgrade and relocation is in the works. The soon to be opened cutting edge facility will boast a 60-90 perimeter screen which facilitates exciting and easy online research. It will be complemented by a well- appointed Reserved Collection. Our new study centre will also be outfitted with both relaxed seating and study carrels for a more private and focused study experience.

Visit the UCC Library.

Making the transition from high school to University or from the world of work to the world of academia may be a bit challenging to make it a bit easier we have provided you with some study tips that will allow you to study less and retain more.  Here are 5 tips you make your study sessions more effective.

  1. Go to class
    With flexible schedules, different study mediums and greater independence sometimes attending classes may seem optional. However attending classes regularly gives you a head start on the review process and an indication of the areas to be tested.
  2. Note what is important
    One of the most important rules of effective studying is knowing what to study. Take the time to develop a good note-taking method. It is a good idea that will never go out of style.  Here are 3 suggestions to get you started:
    1. Write your notes for each lecture on a new page and annotate with your class date and page number.  Properly sequenced material facilitates better understanding of new material.
    2. Leave blank spaces for additional comments that you may make at a later stage.
    3. Create a system of abbreviations and symbols that can be used throughout our course or better yet throughout your entire program.
  3. Review, review, review
    Review your notes within 24 hours of taking them. There may be some unintelligible words that will interrupt the smooth flow of study at a later date. Use the opportunity to highlight and define any words or concepts that you do not understand.
  4. Power up your study sessions with study groups
    Never underestimate the power of studying with your peers. Group study gives you the option of honing in and perfecting one area while your peers review another. Study groups force you to understand your material thoroughly as you will be required to explain it so that others in the group get a firm grasp of it as well.
  5. Quality vs. Quantity
    Don’t focus too heavily on one topic to the detriment of the others. Rather spend sufficient time on a few key topics so that you have a better understanding of broader themes in keeping with your course objectives. Focusing on several key topics also makes the study process less tiresome.