Expand your impact as an educator by demonstrating your commitment to educating others with an online master's degree in education from the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Global Campus (UCCGC). Make an impact on your nation's schools with the expertise that derives from an advanced master’s degree in education.

Upon completion of your online Master of Arts Education degree, you will be able to:

  • Design appropriate, challenging and diverse learning experiences informed by contemporary, research-based theory and practice;
  • Design a variety of strategies and experiences to elicit evidence of learner growth and responsive instructional decisions;
  • Analyze research that generates positive social change along with evidence-based practices and academic writing;
  • Demonstrate innovative actions serving as advocates and change agents within communities by engaging in continuous professional growth
  • Construct effective methods of collaboration, communication, and partnership with colleagues, community, and stakeholders; and
  • Apply confidence, competence, and purpose around digital citizenship, consuming, creating, and communicating information and ideas using technology.


The full cost of this program is ​$11,000 USD.


Caribbean/Regional & Jamaican Students

$3,000 USD per academic year 
($4,000 USD tuition per academic year - US$1,000 USD scholarships for all successful candidates)

International Students

$7,500 USD per academic year
($12,000 USD tuition per academic year - $4,500 USD scholarships for all successful candidates)

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