Develop professional competence in a world of rapid change with your Master’s in Organizational Management degree from the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Global Campus (UCCGC). Learn how to maintain and manage an organization’s activities and employees in a wide variety of organizational management situations. Earn the necessary management expertise to deal with the human aspects of a business organization and inspire others in the workplace. 

Upon completion of your online Master of Arts Organizational Management, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the role of management practice in organizations and the managerial processes to effectively implement an organizational communication plan
  • Analyze common behavioural factors that are present in organizations
  • Analyze the factors that shape the legal environment of an organization
  • Develop processes and policies to manage human capital in organizations
  • Evaluate the importance of ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Develop a framework of analysis for strategic planning


The full cost of this program is ​$11,000 USD.


Caribbean/Regional & Jamaican Students

$3,000 USD per academic year 
($4,000 USD tuition per academic year - US$1,000 USD scholarships for all successful candidates)

International Students

$7,500 USD per academic year
($12,000 USD tuition per academic year - $4,500 USD scholarships for all successful candidates)

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