Rapid advances in technology have revolutionized many aspects of the health care industry, including the way health data is recorded, secured, and shared. The industry-wide implementation of electronic health records has increased access to information which is improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care. With your Master of Science in Health Informatics and Analytics degree from the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Global Campus (UCCGC), you will gain the knowledge to help health professionals provide optimal care.

Upon completion of your online Master of Science Health Informatics and Analytics degree, you will be able to:

  • Apply principles of leadership in the development of strategic goals, achieving organizational outcomes and modelling professional values
  • Utilize health care information technology and statistical reasoning in organizational planning and decision-making
  • Evaluate health care outcomes using quality improvement and risk standards
  • Apply problem-solving approaches in the resolution of health care issues and digital management of health care information
  • Analyze data to improve clinical practices, organizational priorities, risk analytics, metrics, and trends
  • Propose the design, delivery, and improvement of software applications, training programs, and related courseware
  • Evaluate policies and procedures protecting confidential patient information in accordance with federal and state regulations
  • Develop strategic initiatives for information management systems and regulatory policies


The full cost of this program is ​$11,000 USD.


Caribbean/Regional & Jamaican Students

$3,000 USD per academic year 
($4,000 USD tuition per academic year - US$1,000 USD scholarships for all successful candidates)

International Students

$7,500 USD per academic year
($12,000 USD tuition per academic year - $4,500 USD scholarships for all successful candidates)

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