University of the Commomnwealth Caribbean (UCC) and Ready TV Launch UCC TV

UCC TV Launch Signing

Ready TV Co-CEO Chris Dehring & UCC Group Finance Director David Wan at the signing ceremony and launch of UCC TV

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) has begun televising live and recorded classes to its students island-wide using Ready TV’s digital broadcasting platform. As of Monday, December 7, 2020, UCC TV, a 24/7 dedicated educational channel, will be available to both enrolled and un-enrolled students through an arrangement which has been described as “ground-breaking” for tertiary education in Jamaica.

Dr. Winston Adams, Chairman of the UCC Group of companies: “We are excited to be able to offer students access to classes on a 24/7 basis on their TVs at home. The global pandemic has forced all institutions to think outside of the box, especially where internet availability and costs are not ideal. UCC TV is an idea that has been planned for some time and we have decided now is the time”.

Speaking at the launch of the UCC TV channel recently, the University’s Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Yvonne Dawkins, said: “TV-based distance learning is commonplace worldwide as it provides an easily accessible and affordable medium for learning. Most significantly, there are no internet or data costs incurred by students who will receive thousands of hours of UCC educational content every month on their TVs.”

To access the UCC TV channel, students purchase a Ready TV digital set- top- box at a special discounted price from the UCC Campus Store and pay a subscription fee of J$1,500 for 30 days of educational content. In addition to the UCC TV channel, students also receive a package of free TV channels as part of UCC’s initiative to deliver valuable information to its students.

President of the UCC, Professor Dennis Gayle opined that “The goal of UCC TV is to offer expanded teaching and learning options to students, using educational technologies with zero data costs that have created possibilities that we could only imagine, a few short years ago.  This is another way in which the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean continues to exemplify innovation in higher education."

Co-CEO of ReadyTV, David Cassanova, was especially pleased with the launch of UCC TV having worked on the project from its earliest years of conception. “It is indeed gratifying to see innovative and mission-driven institutions like UCC taking advantage of the latest available technology. We believe that in countries like Jamaica where internet services are not immediately available or affordable, that using digital television to broadcast educational classes to everyone will have a profound impact on our society and we hope other educational institutions will follow UCC’s trail blazing lead.”

Watch an overview of the UCC TV Launch on November 30, 2020 here.