Course: Managerial Accounting

Course CodeACCT6001
Credit Hours

The aim of this course is to cover practices that can be strategically applied across the various functions of a business organisation to improve organisational performance. The course emphasises the methods available to measure and evaluate costs for decision-making and performance evaluation purposes. This course is useful for students who will be using accounting information for managing manufacturing and service operations, controlling costs, and making strategic decisions, as well as those going into general consulting or thinking of starting their own business.

This course introduces elements of managerial accounting and emphasises the development and use of accounting information for internal decisions. Management accounting is the process of analysing, interpreting and presenting financial information, in order to assist management in the process of decision making, creation of policy and the day to day operations of an organisation. Topics covered in the course include cost ascertainment for decision-making, corporate planning, budgetary control, standard costing, pricing decisions and accounting for decision-making. The aim of this course is to develop students into broadly educated managers and executives who understand the nature of business as a whole, with the tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.