Aeorion SMS


Course: Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital

Course Code: ENTR6003
Credit Hours: 3

Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital is designed to help managers make better entrepreneurial investment and financing decisions. The course covers the entire venture's life cycle from startup to exit, and explores concepts such as deal structures, incentives, business models and valuation.

This course seeks to build students’ skills, frameworks and knowledge in entrepreneurial finance.  Students will be able to understand the complexities of raising funds for novel ideas. They will learn how to generate financial projections for start-ups and they will also learn how to perform alternative valuations methods to assess the valuation and price of investment deals. The course provides an understanding of how to negotiate terms sheets and how to prioritise contractual clauses. Finally, students will be able to make recommendations on fundraising strategies for both entrepreneurs and venture capital firms.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.