Course: Performance and Productivity Management

Course Code: MGHR6007
Credit Hours: 3

It is essential to the well-being and competitiveness of an organisation for Human Resource practitioners and other managers to fully understand labour performance and productivity and what these entail, as this helps them to gain insight into the economic value of skills in the workforce. When HR practitioners and management team members understand that productivity is not merely a measure of production but actually a measure of efficiency, and employ the appropriate strategies to improve the performance and productivity of their staff, the growth and effectiveness of the organisation will increase. This course is intended to significantly build the knowledge, skills and competences of Human Resources practitioners and other managers in providing successful performance appraisals that help motivate employees to achieve high levels of productivity. 

The course links performance management to productivity enhancement, and includes topics such as:

  • Establishing performance criteria
  • Approaches to performance measurement
  • Conducting meaningful performance appraisal interviews and discussions
  • Initiating continuing coaching and mentoring
  • Guidance to managers to avoid common mistakes in evaluating their employees
  • Encouraging employees to prepare for performance discussions
  • Working with employees to understand the link between individual performance and organisational performance

Students work in teams to evaluate and share experiences, and participate in various exercises to ensure that they fully understand ways to elicit the best possible performance from employees.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.