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Course: Information Systems in Organisations

Course Code: MGIT6002
Credit Hours: 3

It is acknowledged that the use of information systems (IS) contributes significantly to an organisation’s viability and sustainability, and accordingly, the course introduces participants to the ways in which processes and systems in and across functional disciplines may be coordinated through the effective and efficient use of information systems. 

The course is designed to develop core information systems management skills and competencies. The use of IS within organisations has gone beyond its early use to automate basic administrative and clerical functions; contemporary economic and social organisations produce and consume significant amounts of information and professionals must therefore be able to use IS efficiently in business and organisational activities.

Contemporary IS innovation is enabling entrepreneurs and intrapreneurial managers and firms to create new business process models, disrupt business models and entire industries, and as a result develop opportunities for wealth creation. In this environment, managers need critical competencies such as information systems (IS) knowledge, strategy and planning, control, problem-solving and decision-making, and communication, to effectively compete. This course facilitates improved decision-making for persons in functional disciplines, operational managers, and executives concerning technology, and maximise value from IS investments. Emphasis will be placed on internet technologies and their impact on global and local commerce and business.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.