Course: Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies

Course Code: MGMK6008
Credit Hours: 3         

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategies coaches and propels business students for the market arena of the 21st century. The course provides students with the tools and skills to take advantage of business opportunities and to cope with the challenges, as the field of advertising and promotion continues to dramatically change.  The course also places great emphasis on the urgency of shifting from the conventional methods of advertising to the more widely recognised approach of implementing an integrated marketing communications strategy.

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategies underscores the importance of recognising that marketers need to integrate all promotional tools available to convey a unified message to the consumer. In addition to championing the importance of integrating all marketing communications, the course helps students understand how communications are produced and transmitted. This further teaches students how to effectively communicate in the business world. Finally, students are made aware of the importance of their role of transmitting responsible and credible information to their customers and the society in general.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.