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Course: Global Marketing Management

Course Code: MGMK6010
Credit Hours: 3

Global Marketing Management is an advanced marketing course that takes a strategic approach to familiarising students with global marketing and the global business environment. The course considers recent geopolitical developments and technological changes affecting global marketing, and utilises real world and current examples of the strategies that global companies have successfully executed in order to cope with the dynamics of the global marketing environment.

Overall, emphasis is placed on delivering the course using an analytical approach to identifying and understanding recent developments in the world economy and their implications for global marketing. This methodology makes the most of cases dealing with a wide range of real world marketing matters and problems including issues relating to ethics and social responsibility in the global environment. This approach satisfies the objective of helping students to better absorb the course material and understand concepts of the discipline that could be difficult grasp.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.