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Course: Leadership, Management and Relational Dynamics in Organisations

Module Code: MGOL6001
Credit Hours: 3

In order to ensure success and growth for their businesses and organisations and effectively address the challenges and opportunities they face, decision-makers, managers, and potential managers should seek to improve their understanding of, and ability to analytically and strategically apply, leadership competencies based on current research and practice in leadership, management and relational dynamics in organisations.  

The course explores various theories and practice for organising, managing, and leading within the workspace and the implications for both organisational efficiency and effectiveness.  Critical emphasis is placed on facilitating positive relational dynamics.  Thus, there is a focus on the individual as an effective member of a team or an organisation. An understanding of an individual’s work motivation and workplace interactions in the context of the contemporary social environment will advance personal and organisational productivity, achievement and general progress.  The course content will be treated in three main sections.  The first deals with core behavioural and relational concepts.  The second deals with leadership and managerial processes and systems. The course will also review the principle of the learning organisation. 

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.