Aeorion SMS


Course: Risk Assessment and Management

Course Code: MGRM6200
Credit Hours: 3

Proactive community leaders, business owners, and project managers understand how essential it is for the growth and success of the community / organisation / project for them to identify,  effectively prepare for, and mitigate potential challenges and risks that may compromise or threaten the achievement of the entity’s or project’s major goals and the well-being of the stakeholders. Business and community leaders should be able to foresee and analyse the various hazards that could negatively impact their infrastructure and operations, and develop and implement strategies and plans to prevent these negative impacts or reduce them when they occur. This course discusses hazard mitigation and preparedness. The module will provide an understanding of hazards and risks including different types of hazards and how these may impact businesses and communities. Students will also study the principles of hazard mitigation as well as tools to identify and manage hazards.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.