Aeorion SMS


Course: Strategy and Organisation for Transformation and Growth

Course Code: MGSM6200
Credit hours: 3

Strategic management within an organisation is the process by which decision-makers, managers, and administrators develop and implement systems in order to effectively and consistently plan, monitor, analyse, and evaluate organisations activities, operations, and performance so that its goals and objectives can be achieved, and so that the organisation can respond positively and appropriately to changes, opportunities, and threats in the external business environment, locally and internationally. As such, all managers must develop the ability to think strategically and apply strategic-thinking skills to their decision-making and problem-solving within the organisation so as to promote its transformation and growth.

This course serves as the capstone course for the MBA Programme. It involves the organisation of knowledge and skills acquired by the student from the other MBA courses as well as their integration and application in the real world setting following the strategic management framework. The main areas to be covered include strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation and control. The framework is applicable to profit-oriented businesses, non-profit organisations, private enterprises and government entities. In this course, the students are expected to learn not only about the strategic management process but also about the various analytical frameworks and strategy formulation tools that can aid managers in strategic decision-making and in building and sustaining competitive advantage. They will also be made to appreciate and understand the different strategy choices that are appropriate for specific industry and company situations. Other strategic management issues and concepts that are relevant to management in today’s global environment will, likewise, be tackled, along with the management of ethical issues. The students are also expected to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the critical role and contribution of business enterprises to nation-building.  The students will be made to apply and integrate their learning from this course through group discussions/reports and each student will be required to submit and present. The learning methodologies to be used are aimed at developing the student’s strategic thinking capability.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.